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Placed a bid on eBay- $19.99.
I am the only bidder for now.
After that, I placed a snipe for the maximum of $24.
Will AuctionSniper relate to this snipe as a "regular" snipe and will try to win with, let's say $20.49, or it will recognize that I am the highest bidder (assuming there are no others) and "let me win" for $19.99?
Thanks for reading this.
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You have misunderstood how AS works (and to a certain extent how ebay works...).

First of all, a price of x.99 is a seller's ploy to make something look cheaper than it is. To be more succesful as a bidder you need to bid Y.01 which can outbid those that still bid in whole units.

AS bids once, at your max, near the end of the Auction. Ebay's proxy bidding system then kicks in and looks after your bid/snipe.

So read the AS FAQs and read up on Proxy bidding on eBay.

Good luck

My understanding is that bid enhancement only kicks in if the snipe is too low. So, in the case above, it is superflous.

So ItsAllAboutTHAT, in the situation you describe, you will only pay $19.99 because eBay will recognise your id. AS will, however, charge you for a winning bid since it has submitted your snipe.

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