It is 1 second i should think Smile
Your lead time should be at least 5 seconds - Eek unless you are directly connected to the eBay server in their building Wink- it will take time to communicate with a server over the net - 5 seconds (the default) seems ideal, good luck Smile
You can lose because your bid is not high enough to win. You can be proxy outbid.

> Click Here < to learn about proxy bidding.

Don't get crazy trying to be the last bidder. Any bids placed in the last 10 seconds or so are planed well in advance and will be placed. When it comes to bids placed by others, it matters little when (or even if) your bid is placed. Remember... it's the highest bid that wins, not always the last.

p.s. you can not modify or cancel your snipe in the last 2-3 minutes of the auction.

WELCOME, to you both!
Good Morning Puppy, You always make things sound so much easier.
What's up with the 'searches', 'New Since Your Last Visit' and 'Custom Avatars’? I haven't seen it addressed. Maybe someone wants a little revenge Confused I hope those features aren't going by the wayside too.

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