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Hello Souzette,

We're sorry to hear that you have run into difficulty making a payment for an item.  Please be aware that our service has nothing to do with making such payments - it merely places your bids for you in the final seconds of an auction and the rest is handled by eBay as with any other bid.

The payments you make for winning items must be handled via eBay. From what you have shared, it looks like there was an issue with your sign in so eBay could not display your data at that time.  I suggest you try logging in to your eBay account again and then looking at the item won.  If you run into trouble logging in on eBay, try clearing your browser cache to ensure that no pages have been erroneously cached and then try again.

If the difficulty accessing your eBay account or your won items continues, please reach out to eBay support for assistance.

 - Craig

Hi Craig

the mystery remains with the Auctionsniper process.  I have two Ebay profiles - Profile 1 is the one I mainly use.  Profile 2 I rarely use, only for when I sell my clothes.  
I have been logged into Profile 1 on Ebay, and this is the profile I used to bid with on Auctionsniper.  I sent you a screenshot of the Auctionsniper bid page, showing clearly the Profile 1 name at the top of the screen confirming I won the auction (with Profile 1)
However when it came time to pay, I was only able to pay by logging out of Profile 1 on ebay (which I was logged into) - my primary profile - and logging into Profile 2, which I was not logged into when the Auctionsniper automatic bidding happened.
Do you have any idea what happened?  It's unsettling for me, it seems I could very easily have lost the auction if it was placed with an Ebay identity I was not currently logged in with
thanks and regards


It sounds like you may have associated your Auction Sniper account inadvertently with your second eBay account when you generated the link to eBay.  This is the only way our service would bid on any account - Auction Sniper can only place bids on the eBay account it is linked to.

You can check which eBay account you have associated to your Auction Sniper account at any time after logging in.  Just select Modify Account from the My Snipes menu and then check on the eBay Connection tab and it will show the username of the related eBay account.

If you wish to associate your Auction Sniper account with a different eBay account, just generate a new link to the other eBay account and then the service will bid for you on that account.

 - Craig


thanks Craig- you're right my second ebay account was the one originally
registered with Auctionsniper

in that case, it sounds like I was lucky the bid for my primary ebay
account went through this time

just some feedback though, Auctionsniper seemed happy to perform it's tasks
registered under a second ebay profile which was not registered with
Auctionsniper in the original setup

otherwise very happy with this product

I've fixed it now online


*mob 0410 986 495 *

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