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I am interested in bidding on an ebay item for which the seller has more than one available. I'd like to know the best snipe strategy for this, and any pitfalls or weirdisms to expect.


Seller has an item for $99.95 ("buy it now" price, no minimum specified), and six of these items are available for sale.

I want all six, and am willing to pay up to $50.05 each, but only if I get all six.

How should I best set up snipe for this? 

Is there a chance that I will not get all six?

Any things to be wary of here?

Thanks in advance. Just signed up for snipe, and the forums. Thanks.


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Hello Bruce -

Please note that you cannot snipe an item unless it is an auction.  Multi quantity items on eBay are Fixed Price listings (with the exception of a lot - a group of items being sold as the group).  Our service will only place bids on Auction items.

For a listing such as you have described, I would suggest that you use the option to contact the seller on eBay and ask if they would be willing to accommodate your offer to buy all of the items at once.

 - Craig


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