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Suggestion: Add "Buy It Now" to Bid Groups

The problem: I often use Bid Groups to snipe items but if there are similar "Buy It Now" (BIN) items ALL the items usually sell for very similar prices. If there is only one "BIN" I often loose the auction items AND the BIN item if I can't get to eBay soon after the auction ends.

The solution: If I could add the BIN item(s) to the Bid Group then Auction Sniper could "Buy It Now" for me if I fail to win the auction items.

A further enhancement could be to use the BIN items to "top up" auction wins if I want more than one item. (E.G. I want 5 widgets. I win 3 auctions in the Bid Group and the BIN items can buy the other 2 items to complete my set).

I can (and do if possible) follow this strategy manually but, often the BIN item is sold very quickly, especially for popular items. It happens most frequently for used auction items and new BIN items. Obviously I am prepared to pay more for the new BIN items, but would really be happy with a used item if I can get a good price on it in an auction.

This is just an idea for an additional feature for an already great system.

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