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Reply to "50% price increase?"

Originally posted by Sniper Stephanie:
Hi Dodge62,

We’re certainly sorry to see you go, we wish you all the best. As stated in the email, this is the first time in over 15 years of service that we've adjusted our pricing structure. It's obviously not something we take lightly. To provide further perspective, based on our data the increase will cost the average user an additional .23 cents per winning snipe, for any item won costing less the $24 you will see an increase of just .10 cents.

There are indeed many free services out there, we do realize that. On the other hand we believe that ours is superior in many ways, we take pride in our win percentage of 99.7% for qualifying bids. We work 24x7 to make sure our services are online and running smoothly, we also offer round the clock technical support to make sure all of our customers needs are met. Last year in additional to increasing our infrastructure footprint we also released mobile apps for both iOS and Android. We have big plans this year as well and the pricing increase will help us realize those plans.

Again, we appreciate your business over the years and are sincerely sad to see you go.

Happy Sniping,


Well, I guess that was a very justifiable explanation. It was also straight to the point. Eek