Is ebay telephone PIN a problem when sniping?
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It's been a while since I sniped for the last time. I am active again and I wonder if a new feature (to me at least) on ebay will cause a problem.
When I logon to ebay.com (it only happens on .com) then I get an error message and I should get a PIN via telelphone and therefore I should submit a telephone number. I tried it but it doesn't work. Anyway I can click the continue button under the error message and the continue logging on.
The question:
Will this be a problem when automatically logging on with AS that I have to manually click on a continue button when logging on to ebay.com? Will it disrupt the execution of the script by which the automatic logging takes places by AS on my behalf? Will it abort when it runs into the error message or will it have the intelligence to click the continue button?


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